Water buffalo & friend

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright

Are the forests embattled in religious dogmas?

Do sparrows grinned to drunkenness
On some fermented berries
Fall to cats because of sac-religious songs
Sung after eating some forbidden cherries?

In the burning season
Do the creatures damn their heretic kin
For the flames that sweep in?

Does some vaunted god condemn the buffalo
Who will not choose to wallow
Nor prostrate themselves on earthen altars?

Do dragonflies genuflect above the waters
Dipping low at sunrise in a prayerful nod
Seeking grace and blessing from a wondrous god

Does the falcon crest a rise upon a
worshipped wind
The only one deemed appropriate to fly in?

Does a matriarch endorse a pachyderm
embodiment of heaven’s way
for elephants to earn rewards
that will be paid post death
In some eternal better day?

Do the spiders hail their Mary
Or long for some arachno Armageddon
To punish those whose webs need work

Believing some right toil will bring them buggy heaven?

What prophetess of bees teaches nectar gathers to fall upon their knees.
And isn’t all religious fervor just the same as these?



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