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Q: Who is really in charge in our so-called society?

A: Actually, corporations, religions and the military run things, not women or men. Unfortunately, men now mainly run these entities, and when women are excluded, balance goes out the window.

This can lead to stupid decisions, like drug makers selling drugs they know are killing people who take them. Hopefully, women are less likely to think their own paychecks are more important than the lives of their customers. We can’t be sure until a lot more women are CEOs and board members.

Many American male-dominated religions gleefully look forward to Armageddon so that everyone who disagrees with them will suffer horribly, while they expect to be “saved.” Not very Christian, are they?

Believing the world is about to end is the world’s greatest excuse not to clean up the planet, fight climate change, or feed children healthy meals. Would this be different if women were equal in religions?

Inducting/allowing women into high positions in religion, politics and business might bring huge improvements. We won’t know until they get past the glass ceilings that are still rigidly in place.

Oprah is definitely a woman in charge

Oprah is definitely a woman in charge

FYI: Until relatively recently, women handled the money in most families. Men brought their wives or mothers their paychecks and were given pocket money. Women paid the bills and bought groceries and clothes as needed. Most people never had investments of any kind.

It was in aristocratic families that men controlled virtually all money, property — and women. In the 1960s a woman could not buy a house without a man and could not get credit based on her own earnings or holdings.

Women used to be equal to men. The head of religious life in Greece was the oracle at Delphi, a woman. Male and female gods ran the cosmos. Male God-only religions have driven women into subservience, often murdering them for not converting.

Wait a minute; some religions do that today. Are women safe running things? Are men through killing uppity women?

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