The Evil Jockey

Night birds

The evil jockey rides the elderly employee
down the gouged earth into poverty
And smiles
His countenance untouched by irony
Whose horny visage hides his infamy
Behind a mask of faked humility
In the name of all the ones whose lives
He’s stripped of reason, stripped through legally
permitted fundamental dishonesty
Whose rights and wealth and liberty
Whose health, whose own humanity
Are swept up in that maelstrom: greed
Left with nothing earned but need
Standing with fist clenched
In shocked outrage, too poorly served
By crooked representatives and hollow Word
On some dank page in some corrupted library
He shakes that fist at constitutionality
Let down, subsumed, to slip into inanity
Can we stand mute before his misery?
Or are we called, required to see
That where he stands is where we all will be
As right wing zealots rewrite history
Gutting unions, stealing every benefit
Hard won, so easily

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright


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