The Brilliant Shining Path

SB 39

To slice through the Gordian knots
Woven throughout our laws
By the slickest of experts
Who never invented a thing
But a world class economic sting
In a basket of rules to
Keep any real progress from being

The brave warriors today
Are  the Snowdens, Assanges and Stewarts
Who face down the foreign
The big corporations
And the sweet tax havens
And private tax-free foundations

That the wealthy keep getting richer
And pad one another’s credentials
Employing each other’s offspring

What a dumb bunch of losers
We have elected
Never think they’re there, so
The people are protected
They’re cheaply bought embodiments

Of jesters who can always be beheaded
If anything they do or say offended

And so for billionaires pocket changed
Given to their re-election campaigns
The rich get to cheat their way to wealth
Without even a semblance of stealth

It’s so easy, man,
To cheat taxpayers
Oh, the
Brilliant shining path
Of their self promotions
Found always a way
To make the poor pay

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright


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