The Attack on Social Security


The drive to privatize or end Social Security is a clear example of willful blindness. The only proposal from Republican pundits is to raise the retirement age to 70. It ignores the inability of many people to keep working that long.

Imagine if young workers were forced to support their destitute 68-year-old parents who can’t work or get Social Security. How will those workers afford kids? How will they rent apartments or marry? Nearly 30 percent of American college graduates now have to move back in with their parents. They can’t buy homes, furniture or dishes or sign up for their own cable or satellite service.

The Social Security and Medicare “shortfalls” have been carefully crafted to look like an emergency to justify cutting benefits or raising the retirement age. Simply ending the exemption on income over $112,000 a year would solve the problem.

And why are dividends, interest income and capital gains all exempt from buying Social Security and Medicare insurance?

Even the wealthiest among us collect Social Security on earned income and rely on Medicare, although they could afford private health insurance. And their kids and grandkids benefit from Social Security and take whatever benefits they can get from Medicare and Social Security.

Sarah Palin, who can clearly afford to take care of her kids, gets Social Security for her disabled youngest child.

Do CEOs and leveraged buy-out billionaires imagine that impoverishing others will make them richer or more secure? Are they willfully blind to the riots in Greece, England and France? Are they willfully blind to the possibility of that happening here? Again?

Do they want bloody union wars? Again?

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright



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