Thank you, Hilary Rodham Clinton

An ode to greatness in our time

A grateful woman sends her best regards

Hillary 2

All our unending thanks must go Hilary
Whose serious attacks against tyranny
In government, religion and the military
On our behalf, have been mounted daily, endlessly

Though weariness inscribes its boundless gravity
Upon that lovely brow, there is no stoop in those sure shoulders
Not bowed before the screeching rabble of the right.

I’ll work for you, I’ll vote for you, I’ll devote years
I’ll travel miles, never so many as you do
To give you what you need to do
Whatever you determine
Now needs doing.

If grateful eyes could give you more than adoration
What would I not give for your well-considered smile.
Goddess, never was there one more noble
Words whispered in what passes for a prayer
In these religiously embattled years
I offer up on your behalf, for you

Hillary 1

Have risen once again and yet again
Yet still reside among us
Your stiffened spine protects the child
Protects the village and the shrine
Our grateful eyes embrace your character
Your grace, your studied mind
Your urge to dance and mingle

It takes a woman, truly, such as you are
To give the world another way of seeing
As you continually do against all odds
You are a truly wondrous human being.

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