Save Your Life, Help Save the World


Climate 1

Yes, the planet is too hot and it’s getting hotter fast. If you don’t join the rush to keep things cool, you’re ignorant or lazy. Global warming — or call it climate change — will become the major issue as things get worse, much worse, in the very near future.

What You Can Do

Be the Power Company. If you must have a phone, and an iPad, and a box full of the newest flashlights, and fifty pairs of shoes, and a new car every three years, and two or three giant screen TVs, you MUST HAVE solar power and you MUST use it.

Get solar chargers in all sizes and styles NOW. They work on sunlight, not oil, gas, coal, or anything else burned. They’re easy to use, and they’re a lot cheaper than the electricity you get from the power company. They charge batteries, which store the power you’ll be generating, so they’ll power your devices when the sun isn’t shining. They work even in winter if the sun is out; so listen to the old ad, and charge it.

You can save money while you help save your life and give your grandkids, if you’re lucky enough to have them, a chance to live, too. And for all you gadget freaks, solar chargers are the latest thing and they’re really cool.

Use a solar oven. You can make one for about ten dollars in materials you probably already have at home. It’s a really easy, fun project to do with the kids or your spouse. All you need is a sturdy cardboard box and a roll of shiny foil and a scissors or a sharp knife. There are many YouTube videos showing exactly how to make them. You can also buy nice wooden ones online that will last for thirty years, using no power other than sunlight.

Mine gets up to 400 degrees, so I can bake cookies, make pizza, casseroles, roast beef and barbecue, heat soup or do anything an indoor oven does. And I don’t have to heat up my kitchen in summer, which means the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, which saves me money and saves wear and tear on the AC and the oven.

Food cooked in your solar oven tastes great, is juicier than anything baked in a regular oven, so you don’t need much water or added fat to make succulent, delicious meals. Get one now. You’ll be glad to have it when we run out of power from the big utilities.

The only time it’s hard to use is in high wind, so you have to set up a wind break, like our cement block L-shaped mini wall, to keep it from blowing around if you live in a windy area.

Recently we baked potatoes, made a pot roast and baked an apple pie on the outside deck without using any electricity. And it was all good.

Solar ovens online are a couple hundred dollars including an thermometer, and the one we have is excellent. You don’t need to stand over a hot barbecue or stove to have a great meal. They’re sturdy and reliable, and they’ll slow-cook your meal while you’re solar chargers are working.

Cardboard solar ovens are very lightweight, are easy to pack and cart around, and are excellent for camping. If they’d had them after Hurricane Katrina, they could have sterilized water and prepared hot meals for all the people who lost their homes or who were stranded without power for weeks on end.

They should be standard in every house and every emergency shelter and municipal building and all school rooms and shelters.

Before you spend the money for another car, phone or TV, you should get a solar system on your house, your car and your RV. Just the peace of mind from knowing you don’t have to rely on public utilities to survive will be worth the price, and you’ll save enough money in a short time to repay the entire cost. Then you’ll be using free power for years.

Photo credits: from paintings by Spring Bright

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