Pets in Pain

Dharma the dog wearing her mad Hopi face

Dharma the dog wearing her “mad Hopi face”

My veterinarian said my old dog would get addicted to hydrocodone cough medicine, but she coughed 24/7, so we put her on it. The cough stopped and she was much better on the drug. Within six months the cough was back, so the vet examined her and raised the dose. It worked again.

Then our “no regulations” legislature cracked down on vets prescribing hydrocodone. Now my vet won’t give my dog enough to control her cough. The dear old thing is suffering again.

My vet says if I drive two hours and pay nearly $1,000 to a vet specialist who okays the higher dose, she will prescribe it. Or she can “euthanize” the dog so she won’t suffer.

Great dog lover’s choice. Kill her, let her cough herself to death, or hope a specialist gives her the same dose of cough meds she was taking.

Shame on you, ignorant legislators, for making my little dog die in misery if I don’t have her killed.

Hey Arizona animal lovers: They’re after your pets, too. And vets who knuckle under to these new regs, shame on you.

Protecting dogs from addiction. Good thinking, eh?

Will this miserable failure of a drug war never end? Don’t these people have anything worthwhile to do instead of driving veterinarians to deny meds to pets and fill out endless paperwork, and who knows-what from the Arizona anti-drug czars.

Why don’t doctors and vets rise up and fight this draconian regulation of their practices?

The new Conservative slogan should be “Keeping Pets in Pain.”

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