Pain-Free Living, part 3

What Could be Causing that Gut Ache?

(third of a series)

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If you have an unexplained gut ache and/or diarrhea and/or constipation, your doctor may have sent you to a specialist for a lot of expensive, awful tests. But you may be able to easily, quickly rid yourself of whatever they diagnosed you with by one simple step. Stop eating potato peels in any form.

The reason people carefully peeled potatoes for centuries is that the leaves, stems and peels of potatoes are poisonous. If I eat them I get a horrible gut ache that can last for several days and that doesn’t respond to any type of medication, even prescription pain pills.

Almost all prepared potatoes in America now have at least part of the skins left on them, even mashed potatoes and frozen French fries. The skins contain a soap-like chemical that humans should not eat. Even starving people never used to willingly eat potato peels, and no one should sell prepared meals or snacks that contain potato peels.

So when you’re out for a night of fun or loading up on snacks for the game, don’t set yourself and your friends and family up to suffer from belly aches and cramps by serving unpeeled potato chips or fries or stuffed potato skins. Don’t fall for the phony food industry inspired story that if you don’t eat the potato skin, you’re missing most of the nutrition in the potato.

Enjoy hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts, pizza and beer, but skip eating trash masquerading as food. Just because our food industry has sunk to selling this very high profit junk, you don’t have to buy it or eat it.

I never, ever eat anything that contains even a smidgen of potato skin. That means almost all fast food fries, most health food store prepared foods, many of which have unpeeled potatoes, those gooey stuffed potato skins pushed by all the sports bars, and mashed potatoes with the skins left on.

I don’t eat potato skins because they have a soap-like chemical in them that makes my gut literally ache. I’m sure the same chemical makes potato bugs and other potato eating pests sick, too.

When restaurants and food manufacturers first started pushing potato skins as more nutritious than peeled potatoes, I tried them. Pretty soon I noticed that whenever I ate them I would get a horrible gut pain that might last for several days.

People learned centuries ago to always peel their potatoes, because potato plants and potato skins contain toxins that were undoubtedly developed by the plants to make potato grubs sick. Nothing has changed.  In fact, modern potato skins are more likely to make us sick than older breeds of potatoes, because farmers and scientists have been breeding them to increase their resistance to pests. The toxin is concentrated in the leaves, stems and the skins of the potatoes to sicken attacking bugs before they get to the meat of the potato, thereby helping potato plants to survive whatever is eating them. Very few insects even try to eat them because they make them sick.

It might be best if you went off potatoes entirely for a few days just to be sure your gut ache and cramps are worse because of those skins. You can indulge in pasta, sweet potatoes, stews (without tomatoes, which are closely related to potatoes), and casseroles of all kinds, just give yourself at least five days to see if potato skins are making you or your husband or your kids sick.

If you improve after avoiding potato skins, you’ve got new information that may help you the next time you go to the doctor, and it hasn’t cost you a thing.

You never missed potato skins before some overly clever, cheap restaurant owner decided to turn garbage into profits by filling potato skins with tasty, cheesy stuff instead of serving it on something healthful, like crackers or bread.

Stuffed potato skins are one of the cheapest, most underhanded appetizers ever made. Just think how much less it costs restaurants and food makers if they can get you to eat the skins. They save shipping costs because they get more servings to sell if they don’t peel the potatoes. They don’t have to pay labor costs to peel the potatoes, and they don’t have to pay to have the peels hauled away to the garbage dump because their customers are carrying them away in their bellies. But they’re bad for people who eat them.

I know you can find something less sickening than potato skins to stuff with cheese and bacon. Nachos, pizza, and countless other delicious things were there before anyone started stuffing garbage with fillings and selling it as something special, and you can still get them. So switch.

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright


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