Thank you, Hilary Rodham Clinton

An ode to greatness in our time

A grateful woman sends her best regards

Hillary 2

All our unending thanks must go Hilary
Whose serious attacks against tyranny
In government, religion and the military
On our behalf, have been mounted daily, endlessly

Though weariness inscribes its boundless gravity
Upon that lovely brow, there is no stoop in those sure shoulders
Not bowed before the screeching rabble of the right.

I’ll work for you, I’ll vote for you, I’ll devote years
I’ll travel miles, never so many as you do
To give you what you need to do
Whatever you determine
Now needs doing.

If grateful eyes could give you more than adoration
What would I not give for your well-considered smile.
Goddess, never was there one more noble
Words whispered in what passes for a prayer
In these religiously embattled years
I offer up on your behalf, for you

Hillary 1

Have risen once again and yet again
Yet still reside among us
Your stiffened spine protects the child
Protects the village and the shrine
Our grateful eyes embrace your character
Your grace, your studied mind
Your urge to dance and mingle

It takes a woman, truly, such as you are
To give the world another way of seeing
As you continually do against all odds
You are a truly wondrous human being.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Passing Threshold

Every tiny flame shouts out
In ecstatic joy
At passing thresholds into passionate expansions

Little universes, all,
Middle children
Until we meet and merge and wander

That rush of wet heat
Expanding through eternity
Were never inner city
With the all, the rest.

O, death and knowing freedom
Comes in transformation
The striving leaner topples
The cork erupts again

And we flow out
Hands like leaves upon
A fragile trunk
And roots searching, spreading
Fighting to store more

The energy we suckle
Light and waves and darker matters
The strings omniscient
And patients all
We brave the curl again.

(Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright)

Life in the Patterns

Blue energy

Life is the inhabitation/excitation
in patterns of Energy
Matter attracts, retains, emits, repels
Life is the result
Of energy being taken, acted upon
by matter/mass

When matter releases energy
It moves until captured by
Drawn to, converted by mass/matter
into patterned orbital,
Structural component/entity
Catalyst, reactor, reaction, phase
Until energy breaks out of form
Pattern, programmed being
And departs

No longer trapped by
Used by, formed and refracted
And absorbed by matter/mass
As protein, virus, DNA

Matter plays with, dallies with,
Enjoys, enshrines and longs for
Energy to transform,
Embrace until the cell, nucleus,
Seed of life can no longer contain,
Control it
And time, it moves ON.

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright

The Attack on Social Security


The drive to privatize or end Social Security is a clear example of willful blindness. The only proposal from Republican pundits is to raise the retirement age to 70. It ignores the inability of many people to keep working that long.

Imagine if young workers were forced to support their destitute 68-year-old parents who can’t work or get Social Security. How will those workers afford kids? How will they rent apartments or marry? Nearly 30 percent of American college graduates now have to move back in with their parents. They can’t buy homes, furniture or dishes or sign up for their own cable or satellite service.

The Social Security and Medicare “shortfalls” have been carefully crafted to look like an emergency to justify cutting benefits or raising the retirement age. Simply ending the exemption on income over $112,000 a year would solve the problem.

And why are dividends, interest income and capital gains all exempt from buying Social Security and Medicare insurance?

Even the wealthiest among us collect Social Security on earned income and rely on Medicare, although they could afford private health insurance. And their kids and grandkids benefit from Social Security and take whatever benefits they can get from Medicare and Social Security.

Sarah Palin, who can clearly afford to take care of her kids, gets Social Security for her disabled youngest child.

Do CEOs and leveraged buy-out billionaires imagine that impoverishing others will make them richer or more secure? Are they willfully blind to the riots in Greece, England and France? Are they willfully blind to the possibility of that happening here? Again?

Do they want bloody union wars? Again?

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright



Women in Charge

Ghosts women

Q: Who is really in charge in our so-called society?

A: Actually, corporations, religions and the military run things, not women or men. Unfortunately, men now mainly run these entities, and when women are excluded, balance goes out the window.

This can lead to stupid decisions, like drug makers selling drugs they know are killing people who take them. Hopefully, women are less likely to think their own paychecks are more important than the lives of their customers. We can’t be sure until a lot more women are CEOs and board members. Continue reading

Have We Lost the American Dream?

Photo: from a painting by Spring Bright

Photo: from a painting by Spring Bright

Why do people think the American dream is to work hard and get ahead? Most people do not dream of hard work, they dream of an easier life and many other things like laughter, love, freedom, travel, sports and freedom from pain or hunger.

They dream of being free from worrying about having to take care of others, freedom from sickness, freedom from harassment by governments or religions or neighbors or family members. Continue reading


Water buffalo & friend

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright

Are the forests embattled in religious dogmas?

Do sparrows grinned to drunkenness
On some fermented berries
Fall to cats because of sac-religious songs
Sung after eating some forbidden cherries?

In the burning season
Do the creatures damn their heretic kin
For the flames that sweep in?

Does some vaunted god condemn the buffalo
Who will not choose to wallow
Nor prostrate themselves on earthen altars?

Do dragonflies genuflect above the waters
Dipping low at sunrise in a prayerful nod
Seeking grace and blessing from a wondrous god

Does the falcon crest a rise upon a
worshipped wind
The only one deemed appropriate to fly in?

Does a matriarch endorse a pachyderm
embodiment of heaven’s way
for elephants to earn rewards
that will be paid post death
In some eternal better day?

Do the spiders hail their Mary
Or long for some arachno Armageddon
To punish those whose webs need work

Believing some right toil will bring them buggy heaven?

What prophetess of bees teaches nectar gathers to fall upon their knees.
And isn’t all religious fervor just the same as these?



Pain-Free Living

The Non-Drug Migraine Cure

(first of a series)

SB 18

When I was 21, I had been a coffee addict since I was 16. I drank it black by the pot full. I had terrible migraines, and one day I went to see a chiropractor to see if he could help me. He looked at the dark circles under my eyes and said, “Something is poisoning you, and I’ll bet it’s caffeine.” Continue reading

Pain-Free Living, part 2

Avoiding Tomatoes

(second of a series)


I was suffering off and on from nasty leg cramps at night. Nothing seemed to help. I tried exercising early in the day or late at night, stretching, yoga, both hot and cold. I took aspirin, but it made my stomach burn. I tried NSAIDS but my stomach rebelled again. I tried prescription drugs, but they made me groggy and stupid without stopping the pain.

Finally, a chef in a Chinese restaurant told me that some people get muscle cramps and migraines from tomatoes, eggplant and other vegetables in the nightshade family. Continue reading

Pain-Free Living, part 3

What Could be Causing that Gut Ache?

(third of a series)

Fruit still life

If you have an unexplained gut ache and/or diarrhea and/or constipation, your doctor may have sent you to a specialist for a lot of expensive, awful tests. But you may be able to easily, quickly rid yourself of whatever they diagnosed you with by one simple step. Stop eating potato peels in any form.

The reason people carefully peeled potatoes for centuries is that the leaves, stems and peels of potatoes are poisonous. If I eat them I get a horrible gut ache that can last for several days and that doesn’t respond to any type of medication, even prescription pain pills. Continue reading