Life in the Patterns

Blue energy

Life is the inhabitation/excitation
in patterns of Energy
Matter attracts, retains, emits, repels
Life is the result
Of energy being taken, acted upon
by matter/mass

When matter releases energy
It moves until captured by
Drawn to, converted by mass/matter
into patterned orbital,
Structural component/entity
Catalyst, reactor, reaction, phase
Until energy breaks out of form
Pattern, programmed being
And departs

No longer trapped by
Used by, formed and refracted
And absorbed by matter/mass
As protein, virus, DNA

Matter plays with, dallies with,
Enjoys, enshrines and longs for
Energy to transform,
Embrace until the cell, nucleus,
Seed of life can no longer contain,
Control it
And time, it moves ON.

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright

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