Pain-Free Living, part 3

What Could be Causing that Gut Ache?

(third of a series)

Fruit still life

If you have an unexplained gut ache and/or diarrhea and/or constipation, your doctor may have sent you to a specialist for a lot of expensive, awful tests. But you may be able to easily, quickly rid yourself of whatever they diagnosed you with by one simple step. Stop eating potato peels in any form.

The reason people carefully peeled potatoes for centuries is that the leaves, stems and peels of potatoes are poisonous. If I eat them I get a horrible gut ache that can last for several days and that doesn’t respond to any type of medication, even prescription pain pills. Continue reading

Pets in Pain

Dharma the dog wearing her mad Hopi face

Dharma the dog wearing her “mad Hopi face”

My veterinarian said my old dog would get addicted to hydrocodone cough medicine, but she coughed 24/7, so we put her on it. The cough stopped and she was much better on the drug. Within six months the cough was back, so the vet examined her and raised the dose. It worked again.

Then our “no regulations” legislature cracked down on vets prescribing hydrocodone. Now my vet won’t give my dog enough to control her cough. The dear old thing is suffering again. Continue reading

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