On the Alert

Spring 12These lovely birds of paradise are ready to fight to protect their fledgling, on the branch above them. They bravely stand, feathers ruffled to make them look bigger and more fierce, and face all intruders.

Spinning Dreamer

Spring 13 Spinning is a simple task that allows the spinner to slip into a dreamlike state, imagining another life, another world, another path through the garden, another way to be. This spinner will come out of her working trance when the fire burns low and the wool has all been spun into threads.

Parakeet Rainbow

Spring 11There are enough colors and types of parrots to make a feather rainbow. I tried to include all the colors of American parakeets in this painting, and to show how alert and friendly they are. These were together in a cage in a pet store, nervously watching as we approached them. I wanted to free them, but we were far from a warm enough climate for them to survive, so I show them outside the bars, ready to take off in a bright little flock if I simply wave my hand.

One Way Out of the Castle

Acrobats + castleIf you look closely at this sunny yellow medieval castle, you’ll spy two men rappelling down from a high window. They’re not escaping, they’re jesters and they’re putting on a daring show for the king and queen and their guests. Later I expect they’ll be walking the high wire and twirling burning batons, earning their suppers.