About Spring Bright

Spring #2

Who Am I?

A professor at UC Davis once asked me, “Who are you?” but then wouldn’t accept any answer I gave him. He had his own secret way of defining people, and he expected me to figure out what he wanted to hear. It was so frustrating that I vowed to always tell people what I expect from them, and what I’ve learned that may help them live better lives.

That’s why I write.

Want to know something more personal? I’m old enough to be an elder in every Native American tribe, and I’m very happily married to a gorgeous, smart, extremely talented, amazingly wonderful Kiowa Indian man who’s old enough to be an elder in all those tribes himself. We are loving people and we live for art and music and truth, and we’re happy.

On an even more personal note, I’m sick of cooking but very picky about how things are grown and cooked, so I’m stuck in the kitchen way too often and way too long.

I was crippled at twenty-one years old by an idiot drag racing his GTO on Reseda Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley where I grew up, and have lived a much more limited life than I probably would have if that stupid fink had been smart enough to stop staring at the other driver and look up to see the stop light had turned red.

I absolutely hate know-it-all, arrogant doctors like the one I had then. He didn’t believe in whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, so he let me be even more crippled due to lack of any sort of treatment.

The most important attribute in anyone and everyone is Common Sense, which is more and more hard to find. I adore it.

I think cleaning is a stupid waste of time. I hate to clean, but I also hate dust, so of course I live in a very dusty desert.

I’ve always loved math and science. If you hate them it’s probably because you had dumb, arrogant teachers who wanted to believe they were special and smart because they understood it and you just couldn’t learn, you dummies. Actually, it’s the best, most interesting stuff there is, like the kind of history on the History Channel, not the names and dates when major things happened, but how people and animals live and lived and what challenges they had to overcome.

I love acting, making jokes, singing and dancing, and my dream was to be a marine biologist. Unfortunately, at my career choosing time, there were no women allowed on the ships necessary to do marine research, so I became a lawyer. Men wanted all shipboard jobs for themselves, those selfish clods, so no women were welcome.

I became a lawyer instead, practiced on my own because there were virtually no jobs in law for women then either, and drove the bar association insane by advertising and giving Free Legal Advice to hundreds of people who couldn’t afford hundreds of dollars in consult fees just to find out they could legally trim the neighbor’s tree that was hanging over the fence into their yard dropping leaves and shading their pool, or that even if they did have the right to keep their kids from ever seeing their grandparents again, maybe it would be better to get some counseling and not have the kids hate them for depriving them of grandma’s cookies and grandpa’s practical jokes.

I find reality strangely compelling. I would rather know the truth, which is why I research things in books and online. I study all sorts of stuff like the Constitution, Founding Fathers, Bible in the earliest possible and most complete translations I can get my hands on, other religions, ways of governing, cooking, raising kids, and types of housing. I am interested in all this stuff, and more.

I study life

I actually study life, including testing things, like do I really get migraines from coffee and cheddar cheese? (Yes. Stay away from that stuff for a week; if your migraines stop, then you have some important personal information.)

I would have become a doctor, but when people are suffering, I am suffering, too, so I took my father’s advice. Although I was accepted to medical school, I didn’t go. Thanks for that one, Dad.

I’m a middle child of five and grew up affluent, with pretty much all the advantages there are, but am still resentful of being lost in the crowd of five.

What I learned from studying what happens to me, I like to pass on. For instance, I always believed you could only be an artist if you could paint or draw things from your mind. No one told me that you have to look at models, landscapes, bowls of fruit or whatever you choose to paint or draw or sculpt. It doesn’t just come out of your imagination. Now I know that I can paint, and you can see some of the results on my website.

So this is an essential fact site. There will be books, and CDs, there will be a way to purchase prints, cups, tees and backpacks with paintings, and there will be links to other exciting sites. I will provide anything and everything I have learned that I think you may need to know or might enjoy. Take what helps you and pass it on.

Sorry, I don’t give free legal advice anymore, having retired (yes, finally) to paint and write.

I promise to tell you the truth as I see it, and not to con you with phony promises or misstatements about law, life, cooking, art, or anything else I’ve been involved in or done, and not to ever tell you everything, because you need to live this one yourselves.

But I will help you see reality, point you to books and websites and art and artists that may help you live a good life and, if you’re willing to reexamine what everyone else is spouting (including lies and misrepresentations of the Bible and the Constitution and that lousy history book you had to study in junior high), then hop aboard, make your comments to your buddies, and keep your mind open.

If you want more depth, be prepared to spend a few bucks — because any in-depth law and some other important matters are worth paying for. You’ve all been trained to believe that anything you don’t pay for is worthless, a totally false idiocy, but I’ve got expenses, I pay for editors, publishers and website hosts, and research materials, and so should you, in ways large and small, pay for what you get. Writers and artists need to make a living, too.

I’m including a self-portrait of me surviving terrible times.

Thank you, all brave women ancestors who fought for women’s rights and every other benefit we enjoy, and thank you all our other ancestors, so closely related we all be, and let me finally be strong enough and energetic enough and brave enough to be willing to Bring It Out and put it here for y’all.

I am not a straight line. I do not stay on point. I am not interested in anybody else’s rules and don’t listen to thought police or suffer fools quietly. What we think, what we believe is probably prejudiced by what your parents and teachers said, and by twisted statements (false) that are repeated over and over in the hope that you’ll come to believe lies just because you hear them again and again.

See me as a voice of reason

I hope you’ll check my facts, which is easy to do online, and you’ll see me as a voice of reason when you’re being bombarded by political ads and brochures designed to mislead you. I’m truthful and when possible I’ll give you links or sites to find out the truth for yourself. I hope you’ll share the truth with others, even if it clashes with what they believe.

It is our duty and right to speak up when we see a lie being used to destroy a political opponent or to pass laws that are damaging to the average American. This isn’t Wikipedia, I’m listening to you, and I hope you’ll listen to me.

Take this ride expecting and hoping to learn, understand, have an “ah-ha” moment, and improve your life.

By the way, comedians, artists, musicians, writers, happily employed people live longer, happier lives.  Isn’t that great! Do something creative for yourself.

The most shocking thing I ever heard was that Walt Disney had died. The most wonderful thing I ever saw was a newborn take his first breath. The scariest thing I ever saw was Mitt Romney expecting he’d won the presidency, and the saddest thing was losing my closest friend to skin cancer when she was only twenty-seven, screaming in pain and losing her hair to chemotherapy while I was sneaking off to buy her pot so she could eat.

So wear hats and sunscreen, dump the SUVs, vote for people who support Social Security, Medicare, a single payer medical system for us all, and food stamps for all kids.

Remember that Every Child in this country is Our Child. They’ll be our cops and firemen and teachers and carpenters and doctors. They need to be strong, healthy, educated, and able to think clearly or we’re all in big trouble. Surely you see that. It’s simple as common sense. Once you understand that, we’ll be far on the way to a better future for all of us. We deserve it.

Don’t look down on anyone and maybe you’ll be worthy of the vast benefits of living in America. Stop preaching and gloating and maybe you’ll be able to follow Jesus’ teachings (or Gandhi’s or Vishnu’s or John Lennon’s). Stop watching Fox News and maybe we’ll stop electing crooked politicians who only vote what their employers dictate.

There are people who are more educated, more qualified, more arrogant, more deserving than I am of everything, but there’s nobody who’ll be more honest. I’ll tell you the facts and how they impact you, your health, legal questions that may affect your life, political truths, and inside information about what your tax dollars are unconstitutionally funding.

I hope you’ll join me. Together we can follow Winston Churchill’s advice: “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” That’s our motto.