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Alien Hands

Her hands float like pale aliens
Creatures with too few connections
They are not good for clutching
Turning and prying
Only for dangling, waggling
Pinching, and trying
Those hands can’t open circle doors
Glass knobs elude them
Barricades to entry everywhere
Scraped to clean
They’re on their own, it seems
Some bio-hydraulic born-in
Disconnected mode
She’s malcontent
With these Graceful
Life impediments
And trains them without end.

The Interruption

Birds of a FeatherWhen I was in college, my sister and her husband had two macaws, a scarlet and a green. Being around those big, amazingly smart, beautiful birds is what inspired this painting. I tried to capture all the types of parrots in South America in the painting, so that anyone who saw it would be just as struck by their colorful feathers and their intelligent gazes as I always have been.

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Why Education?


From a TED Conversation

Question: What is the purpose of education? The most important question in the education revolution

Spring responds:

We are a functioning society with rules and requirements to keep things working. Most of us have to know the rules and follow the regulations because of reality. If everyone at a stop sign goes at once, no one gets anywhere but maybe a hospital, after the wreckage is cleared. Continue reading

Evolution and Survival

Photo: from a painting by Spring Bright

Photo: from a painting by Spring Bright

From a TED Conversation

Question: The survival imperative in evolution — Where does it come from?

Spring responds:

The theory doesn’t necessarily include the survival imperative. If you’re just looking at Darwin, he saw the pattern of birds and other animals being changed by their circumstances so that some had long beaks that seemed to evolve with plants that grew deeper flowers in response to longer beaks or long tongues that let finches reach nectar.

Whose survival instinct are you looking at? The plant or the bird? It’s so much more complex and really has little to do with any battles between humans or fights over territory.

The most important aspect of it that has been roundly ignored is chance. You can have a very strong instinct to survive and yet be wiped out by a volcano or a close impact meteor that kills off almost everything on earth, as in dinosaurs and most humans thirteen thousand years ago.

Those who survived were underground or just happened to be in a protected place and still young enough to produce young. And that is the fastest, greatest change our little planet ever experiences.

So figure chance into your equations.

Considering the very core of life, where perhaps survival is not a precondition, but an evolution from merely existing as anything we would define as being alive. If there is only one newly minted form of life in a vast world, why would there be any fight for survival or any need for DNA that codes for it?

For some time, there would be enough for everyone, and then as shortages developed or as things got crowded, the need for an urge to survive might arise in some single celled beings, which would then have an advantage over the others who were just existing, and so on.

How do you define “survival instinct?” And if no other form of life is able to or wants to compete for a certain niche, why would we need a survival instinct to make it?


Wealth Hoarding Is a Crime

Birds + home

From a TED Conversation

Question: Should we view wealth hoarding as dysfunctional as any other form of hoarding?

Spring responds:

Wealth hoarding may be a “dysfunction” but it frequently is also a crime and America could be better served by severely punishing the “white collar crimes” and “legal” manipulations of law and court that make it possible. Continue reading

Women’s Issues & the Supreme Court


One of my favorite online sites for posting my opinions is TED’s “Conversations.”

What is TED? According to their website, “TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences — the TED Conference and TEDGlobal — TED includes the award-winning TED Talks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations…” and much more. “TED conferences bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less).” Continue reading

Thank you, Hilary Rodham Clinton

An ode to greatness in our time

A grateful woman sends her best regards

Hillary 2

All our unending thanks must go Hilary
Whose serious attacks against tyranny
In government, religion and the military
On our behalf, have been mounted daily, endlessly

Though weariness inscribes its boundless gravity
Upon that lovely brow, there is no stoop in those sure shoulders
Not bowed before the screeching rabble of the right.

I’ll work for you, I’ll vote for you, I’ll devote years
I’ll travel miles, never so many as you do
To give you what you need to do
Whatever you determine
Now needs doing.

If grateful eyes could give you more than adoration
What would I not give for your well-considered smile.
Goddess, never was there one more noble
Words whispered in what passes for a prayer
In these religiously embattled years
I offer up on your behalf, for you

Hillary 1

Have risen once again and yet again
Yet still reside among us
Your stiffened spine protects the child
Protects the village and the shrine
Our grateful eyes embrace your character
Your grace, your studied mind
Your urge to dance and mingle

It takes a woman, truly, such as you are
To give the world another way of seeing
As you continually do against all odds
You are a truly wondrous human being.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Passing Threshold

Every tiny flame shouts out
In ecstatic joy
At passing thresholds into passionate expansions

Little universes, all,
Middle children
Until we meet and merge and wander

That rush of wet heat
Expanding through eternity
Were never inner city
With the all, the rest.

O, death and knowing freedom
Comes in transformation
The striving leaner topples
The cork erupts again

And we flow out
Hands like leaves upon
A fragile trunk
And roots searching, spreading
Fighting to store more

The energy we suckle
Light and waves and darker matters
The strings omniscient
And patients all
We brave the curl again.

(Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright)

Life in the Patterns

Blue energy

Life is the inhabitation/excitation
in patterns of Energy
Matter attracts, retains, emits, repels
Life is the result
Of energy being taken, acted upon
by matter/mass

When matter releases energy
It moves until captured by
Drawn to, converted by mass/matter
into patterned orbital,
Structural component/entity
Catalyst, reactor, reaction, phase
Until energy breaks out of form
Pattern, programmed being
And departs

No longer trapped by
Used by, formed and refracted
And absorbed by matter/mass
As protein, virus, DNA

Matter plays with, dallies with,
Enjoys, enshrines and longs for
Energy to transform,
Embrace until the cell, nucleus,
Seed of life can no longer contain,
Control it
And time, it moves ON.

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright