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Water buffalo & friend

Photo credit: from a painting by Spring Bright

Are the forests embattled in religious dogmas?

Do sparrows grinned to drunkenness
On some fermented berries
Fall to cats because of sac-religious songs
Sung after eating some forbidden cherries?

In the burning season
Do the creatures damn their heretic kin
For the flames that sweep in?

Does some vaunted god condemn the buffalo
Who will not choose to wallow
Nor prostrate themselves on earthen altars?

Do dragonflies genuflect above the waters
Dipping low at sunrise in a prayerful nod
Seeking grace and blessing from a wondrous god

Does the falcon crest a rise upon a
worshipped wind
The only one deemed appropriate to fly in?

Does a matriarch endorse a pachyderm
embodiment of heaven’s way
for elephants to earn rewards
that will be paid post death
In some eternal better day?

Do the spiders hail their Mary
Or long for some arachno Armageddon
To punish those whose webs need work

Believing some right toil will bring them buggy heaven?

What prophetess of bees teaches nectar gathers to fall upon their knees.
And isn’t all religious fervor just the same as these?



Pain-Free Living

The Non-Drug Migraine Cure

(first of a series)

SB 18

When I was 21, I had been a coffee addict since I was 16. I drank it black by the pot full. I had terrible migraines, and one day I went to see a chiropractor to see if he could help me. He looked at the dark circles under my eyes and said, “Something is poisoning you, and I’ll bet it’s caffeine.” Continue reading

Pain-Free Living, part 2

Avoiding Tomatoes

(second of a series)


I was suffering off and on from nasty leg cramps at night. Nothing seemed to help. I tried exercising early in the day or late at night, stretching, yoga, both hot and cold. I took aspirin, but it made my stomach burn. I tried NSAIDS but my stomach rebelled again. I tried prescription drugs, but they made me groggy and stupid without stopping the pain.

Finally, a chef in a Chinese restaurant told me that some people get muscle cramps and migraines from tomatoes, eggplant and other vegetables in the nightshade family. Continue reading

Pain-Free Living, part 3

What Could be Causing that Gut Ache?

(third of a series)

Fruit still life

If you have an unexplained gut ache and/or diarrhea and/or constipation, your doctor may have sent you to a specialist for a lot of expensive, awful tests. But you may be able to easily, quickly rid yourself of whatever they diagnosed you with by one simple step. Stop eating potato peels in any form.

The reason people carefully peeled potatoes for centuries is that the leaves, stems and peels of potatoes are poisonous. If I eat them I get a horrible gut ache that can last for several days and that doesn’t respond to any type of medication, even prescription pain pills. Continue reading

Castle on the Coast

Spring castleThis Spanish castle, with its fishing boats at anchor beside the sea wall, makes me think of the cool damp of dawn on the seashore. Soon the fishermen will go down to their boats and head out to sea to earn their day’s keep. The shadows are still deep in the lee of the turrets and the bay is so calm that the boats ride quiet with their anchor lines slack. Continue reading

To My Mother (at 95)


Dear dark angel sifts her own
Sadly exhausted soul
But honey, sworn in the bay
In green flash wavelets

You rise and begin to play
And ancient madrigals softly swell
In that still amazing voice you lift
To earn the grace of motherhood again

You will recover,
Little very loving mother
Loving and warm as any other
Sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews

All gathered to your call
Together we love each other
But mostly we love you more
I thank you for every moment

For every untold breath of life
You gifted us with those endless talents
And one another and hopefully
We’ll recognize the on-going pleasures

Of brothers and sisters and living
As loving uncles and aunts
Thank you forever little mother.

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On the Alert

Spring 12These lovely birds of paradise are ready to fight to protect their fledgling, on the branch above them. They bravely stand, feathers ruffled to make them look bigger and more fierce, and face all intruders.

Pets in Pain

Dharma the dog wearing her mad Hopi face

Dharma the dog wearing her “mad Hopi face”

My veterinarian said my old dog would get addicted to hydrocodone cough medicine, but she coughed 24/7, so we put her on it. The cough stopped and she was much better on the drug. Within six months the cough was back, so the vet examined her and raised the dose. It worked again.

Then our “no regulations” legislature cracked down on vets prescribing hydrocodone. Now my vet won’t give my dog enough to control her cough. The dear old thing is suffering again. Continue reading

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Spinning Dreamer

Spring 13 Spinning is a simple task that allows the spinner to slip into a dreamlike state, imagining another life, another world, another path through the garden, another way to be. This spinner will come out of her working trance when the fire burns low and the wool has all been spun into threads.

Parakeet Rainbow

Spring 11There are enough colors and types of parrots to make a feather rainbow. I tried to include all the colors of American parakeets in this painting, and to show how alert and friendly they are. These were together in a cage in a pet store, nervously watching as we approached them. I wanted to free them, but we were far from a warm enough climate for them to survive, so I show them outside the bars, ready to take off in a bright little flock if I simply wave my hand.